Cory Ingram, Founder, Ingram Creative

Cory Ingram, Founder

A creative designer educated at SAIT and the University of Toronto, Cory brings to you a professional background in marketing, communications, and business development. This experience has focused his attention on the importance of language, and, in particular, the power of stories. Getting the story right is essential in any business or creative endeavour, and in a world saturated with media, there is no room for mediocrity. Whether you want to define your brand, invigorate your professional blog, or launch a social media campaign, Cory is dedicated to making your story mean more.

Who We Are

As a boutique communications and design consultancy, our affinity is with you — the small business, individual, non-profit, or start-up, looking to stand out by the quality of your content rather than the size of your budget.

We believe that great design is the product of authenticity, simplicity, and a commitment to defining what makes you different. Unlike large agencies who often seek to control the creative process and the assets it produces, our approach is collaborative.

Together we define what you need, and we never overstep that boundary. The scope of our work can be as narrow or as wide as you need because we only have one agenda: to create work that will inspire and engage your audience. Every time.

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